Teaching Culture Through Film

Teaching Culture Through Film · 27 November 2023
The comic reversal of cultures Going for an English sketch prompts reflection on behaviours in an intercultural situation.

Teaching Culture Through Film · 18 August 2023
British-Nigerian artist's Yinka Shonibare colourful artwork is about colonialism and hybrid cultures.

What Footloose and its remake can teach us about their times
Both the original and the remake of Footloose are eyewitness accounts of the time in which they were made.

Teaching Culture Through Film · 13 Februar 2023
This article discusses gift-giving habits and presents a commercial about the topic.

What New Year's rituals are celebrated around the world?
Teaching Culture Through Film · 20 Dezember 2022
Are New Year's celebrations similar everywhere? And why are rituals and traditions important?

A funny sketch about German stereotypes
Teaching Culture Through Film · 11 August 2022
A sketch made by Foil Arms and Hog, an Irish sketch comedy group, deals with some common stereotypes about the Germans.

Ambiguous Pictures and Different Perspectives of the World
This article describes how perception influences the way we see the world. Ambiguous pictures provide us with an impression of this phenomenon.

The film Children of a Lesser God provides us with a glimpse of the world of deaf people.

What Metaphors Can Tell Us About Culture
Various metaphors have been created to visualise the concept of culture, such as the iceberg and the melting pot. Some of these metaphors are portrayed in this blog and a TED Talk about metaphors is proposed.

Teaching Culture Through Film · 06 Dezember 2021
This article describes some Christmas food traditions and an activity based on a Christmas dinner commercial.

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