According to official statistics regarding the number of native speakers, English is the third most widely spoken language and is the most commonly studied foreign language. Spanish, the mother tongue of 472 million people, has the largest number of native speakers after Mandarin, and this trend is increasing.


Having a knowledge of English and Spanish expands our horizons, because it enables us to get to know the daily life, culture and literature of many countries and to get in touch with the people there. In addition, these languages are used as lingua franca to communicate with speakers of other languages. In this way, English and Spanish skills can also be useful when looking for a job.


I love these two languages and I want to share my enthusiasm with other teachers. This website deals with the fascinating world of language teaching and language learning. It presents different topics related to teaching English and a selection of useful materials, such as a blog, photocopiable resources, games and articles about current issues in language teaching.