Below, you will find some delightful ideas that combine art and literature, providing a great opportunity to engage in the practice of creative writing and/or embracing your artistic expression.


A continuación, encontrarás diversas ideas encantadoras que combinan el arte y la literatura, brindando una maravillosa oportunidad de participar en la práctica de la escritura creativa y/o de desarrollar tus dotes artísticos.


Painting based on the song "Komm doch, lieber Frühling" by Heinz Lau

Snapshot of fleeting serenity

On the calm, peaceful sea
Boats drift by tranquilly
Sea gulls glide with ease

Carried by a light sea breeze

Fish meander through the calm waters


In the great river there are large and small fish. (African Proverb)

Painting based on the first lines of the poem "Cornish Cliffs" by John Betjeman

Enchanted Forest
There is an enchanted forest
With ancient giant trees
Narrow paths crisscross the forest

nobody knows where they lead.

Painting based on the poem "The Lake is Lit by Moonlight" by Andrew Blackmore

In the grip of winter

Ice flowers bloom

While withered plants

Once full of life's embrace

Now sway in the frost

Collage based on the poem "We outgrow love like other things" by Emily Dickinson

Murmuration of fish
A school of fish,

in unity they glide.
Proudly parading

the warm shine of their scales.

Summer Sundae Treat
Colourful scoops of ice cream
Ready to melt in your mouth
Sweet aftertaste of summer flavours
May its memory last until winter

Collage based on the poem "White with two sugars (please)" by Steve Turner


Fluffy seed heads

Ready to take flight

When the breeze blows by

To bloom again next summer

The old jug


An old white jug, chipped and worn,
Is sitting on the shelf, weathered and forlorn.
Memories of lemonade and summer sun,
Now it's just a relic of days gone by.

April (Unknown author)

April is made of such wonderful things
Sunbeams and tulips and butterfly wings.

Time to get a coffee

Quick fix, no fuss,

Instant coffee, no foam.

Latte, creamy and smooth,

A delicious caffeine boost.

Cappuccino, frothy and light,

A perfect start to your morning delight.

Americano, bold and strong,

The perfect pick-me-up all day long.

Espresso, a little shot of power,

A quick fix for any hour.


Coffee, in all its forms,

A caffeinated bliss that warms.

Poem created with artificial intelligence


Painting based on the poem "Löwenzahn" by Heinz Kahlau

Collage based on the poem "Buttercups and Daisies" by Mary Howitt (1799 -1888)

(First stanza)


Buttercups and daisies-
Oh the pretty flowers,
Coming ere the springtime
To tell of sunny hours.
While the trees are leafless,
While the fields are bare,
Buttercups and daisies
Spring up here and there.

Collage based on the poem "Calendar" by Sara Coleridge (1802-1852)

Collage based on the poem "Serenity Prayer" by Brian Bilston

Collage based on the poem "December 31st" by Richard Hoffman

Collage based on the poem "A Winter Blue Jay" by Sara Teasdale

Collage based on the poem "November" by Thomas Hood


Painting based on the poem "Fading Flowers"


James Gates Percival

(1795 –1856)


Fading Flowers



They fade, — how soon they fade,

The flowers of earth and sky!

Was all that beauty made,

To smile a moment and die?


Collage based on the poem "November Night" by Adelaid Crapsey

Collage based on the poem "Das kleine Auto" by Reiner Kunze

Collage based on the poem "October" by Robert Frost

Collage based on the poem "The Crocodile" by Lewis Carroll

Collage based on the poem "Midsummer, Tobago" by Derek Walcott


Collage based on the poem "Warm Summer Sun" by Mark Twain


Collage based on the poem "Not-So Fast Food" by Kennett Nesbitt about the effects of fast food.

Collage based on the poem "Our Dog’s Name is Roomba" by Kennett Nesbitt about a dog who is a "marvelous morsel remover"




Collage based on an excerpt of the poem "In the bleak midwinter"


In the bleak midwinter
Frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen,
Snow on snow,

Snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter,
Long ago...




Collage based on the poem "December 26" by Kenn Nesbitt about the Christmas presents Santa Claus forgot to bring.



Collage based on the poem "Die Gäste der Buche" by


Collage basado en un poema de Amado Nervo

Ejemplo de un cuento ilustrado
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Example of an illustrated story
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Cómo hacer una tortilla. Un libro-álbum
Este libro es un ejemplo de un proyecto interdisciplinario creativo.
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Escritura creativa
Tres textos creados durante el TALLER DE ESCRITURA CREATIVA “PALABRAS Y VOCES” coordinado e impartido por Luciana Tani Mellado desde Argentina en noviembre de 2020 a través de Zoom
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