The articles in this section deal with current issues in language teaching and propose ideas for language activities.



What English to Teach in the Digital Age
The internet has changed the experience of second language learners who previously relied on their prior knowledge of the language to complete language tasks. With an abundance of digital resources to assist in these tasks, teachers need to ask themselves if, when and how to integrate these digital tools into language learning. This article addresses these questions and suggests some practical ideas.
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Using Nonprofit Commercials to Teach English

This article presents suggestions for using commercials on various topics as the basis for topic-based and project-based learning.


Using a Case Study in the EFL Classroom

This article published in the journal English Teaching Forum gives an introduction to the case study method and shows some ways of how to implement it in the EFL classroom.

Intercultural Training with Films

This article, published in the journal English Teaching Forum, presents ideas on how teachers can use feature films to teach intercultural concepts and communication. It begins by describing how intercultural elements can be explored through films. It then looks at different approaches to using films in the EFL classroom and concludes with a list of films that deal with intercultural issues.


Online Tools for Language Teachers
This article presents some useful online tools for language teachers to create and display content, build and test vocabulary and for self-assessment and feedback.
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Methods and Media to Develop Intercultural Communicative Competence
This article describes the aims and methods of intercultural communication training. Secondly, it outlines the methods and materials that can be used in language teaching and, finally, it gives an overview of their advantages and disadvantages.
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Implementing Blended Learning Using a Virtual Learning Platform
This article outlines the advantages of using virtual learning environments to facilitate blended learning (autonomous learning in combination with classroom instruction) and describes different e-learning materials and media.
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Ideas and Resources for Teaching False Friends
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