Teaching Culture Through Film · 18 August 2023
British-Nigerian artist's Yinka Shonibare colourful artwork is about colonialism and hybrid cultures.

Books for Cultural Learning · 17 August 2023
Ben Coates came to the Netherlands in 2010 when his flight was diverted to Amsterdam Airport. He has since made the country his home and in 2015, published Why the Dutch are Different based on his research and experiences living there.

Exploring racism, privilege and women's aspirations in the 21st century
Books for Cultural Learning · 13 August 2023
Such a Fun Age is a novel about a young black babysitter and her white employer, exploring themes of race, privilege and self-realisation through their intertwined lives in contemporary America.

A captivating novel by a Chinese-American author
Books for Cultural Learning · 06 August 2023
Anchee Min's memoir, The Cooked Seed, is a gripping story that describes the hardships in China in the wake of the Cultural Revolution and her experiences as a struggling immigrant in the United States.

How I met the author of “When Cultures Collide”
Books for Cultural Learning · 11 Juli 2023
"When Cultures Collide" by Richard Lewis explores how culture affects communication.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
Books for Cultural Learning · 17 Juni 2023
Born to a black mother and a white father during Apartheid in South Africa, Trevor Noah's existence was deemed illegal. In a memoir that is both humorous and poignant, Noah recounts his experiences growing up as a mixed-race child in South Africa.

Books for Cultural Learning
This blog features articles about books that are in some way related to culture, such as emigration, culture identities and more. The blog will include both fiction and non-fiction.

What Footloose and its remake can teach us about their times
Both the original and the remake of Footloose are eyewitness accounts of the time in which they were made.

Teaching Culture Through Film · 13 Februar 2023
This article discusses gift-giving habits and presents a commercial about the topic.

What New Year's rituals are celebrated around the world?
Teaching Culture Through Film · 20 Dezember 2022
Are New Year's celebrations similar everywhere? And why are rituals and traditions important?

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