Exploring racism, privilege and women's aspirations in the 21st century


The protagonists of Kiley Reid's critically acclaimed 2019 debut novel, Such a Fun Age, set in 2015, are millennials (Gen X, born between 1981 and 1996) whose lifestyles are shaped by digital devices, the internet, and social media.


Such a Fun Age is a riveting and insightful debut novel that explores themes of race, class, privilege and female self-realisation in the USA. Told from multiple points of view, the story follows Emira, a 25-year-old black babysitter, who is falsely accused of kidnapping the white child in her care. In the aftermath of this event, Alix, her white boss, becomes increasingly obsessed with the idea of befriending her young babysitter. What follows is a thought-provoking examination of race and the complexities of modern relationships. According to The Guardian, "the focus of this book is an altogether more slippery and underexamined type of prejudice: liberal racism.” And critic Ilana Masad  states: "(...) the title's plurality of meaning is echoed all over the place within the novel, where both plot and dialogue are layered with history, prejudice, expectations, and assumptions."


The author of this intriguing novel is Kiley Reid, is a millennial (born 1987) and former part-time nanny herself. She studied theatre at the University of Arizona and later graduated from the Iowa Writers' Workshop.


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